In this section of Interview with Industry Icons , we feature a 19 year old young man who is an undergrad and an entrepreneur. A leader with impeccable skills and understanding , he has an objective to help others and enhance financial literacy across the globe. Meet Mr. Ishaan Arora the young entrepreneur.

How would you describe yourself as a budding entrepreneur ?
Since I was a child , I have always been curious to get my hands on everything whether it was music , sports , writing or anything which animated me.Growing up I realised that I should shift my focus to others as well. Given the amount of resources and level of technology , I decided to initiate an e-learning start-up through which financial literacy could be improved. With this objective , I work everyday to do my bit and create a better  and more knowledgeable world. I never shy away from failing and that’s my biggest strength.

Tell us about your venture and the idea behind it’s creation.
FinLadder is a new emerging organisation in the e-learning industry , with the objective to provide specialised finance courses to people across India and abroad .We , at FinLadder , manage a team of 20 motivated and hardworking people who are always contributing above their potential to take FinLadder to the zenith.With the tagline – Your Elevator to Success , FinLadder aims to make people well-versed with finance and its importance by providing the courses at the lowest prices across the internet.

What bottleneck did you face throughout your creation? How did you overcome it?
Just like any other start-up takes a lot of efforts and time to begin , FinLadder was no different. With our rigorous university schedule , professional course preparations and also other skill development courses and extra-curricular activities , it was not easy to manage all the things simultaneously. We faced problems related to time-management , over-burdening of work , coping up with many failures and understanding the need of the hour.
Hardwork , dedication , learning from failures and more importantly the will to succeed kept us going and we started working day and night to manage everything and today we look back and proudly say that we are a better version of ourselves. 

Are you open for partnering opportunities?
Definitely ! If the partnering satisfies our objective and the functions coincide with that of FinLadder , then certainly we will be more than happy to partner up and take the organisation to newer heights. Team work is the key to the success of any organisation.

Who according to you is a great leader?
A great leader is someone who makes the people under him believe in themselves , someone who creates the best out of any person. This can be achieved only by understanding them and by giving them the support to open-up. A great leader should have the vision and the ability to make people move in a single direction to achieve the goals of the team as a whole and also at the individual level. Coinciding the goals of different individuals with different needs is the biggest challenge that a great leader has to overcome.

What suggestions you have for budding entrepreneurs?
Fail , fail and fail , till the time you succeed. People ask me “how should we avoid making mistakes?” and the first thing I tell them is to dump this kind of a mindset. A person should focus on the ways to learn from his/her mistakes rather than trying to avoid them. It takes a thousand falls to move one step forward , but not giving up is the most vital part. We fail only if we try. Entrepreneurship is nothing but a trial and error approach. We might try a 100 times and fail but we never know if it’s the 101th time that we are searching for. Failure is the biggest teacher in life.